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College Essay Review 

The college essay is one of the most important pieces of the application that YOU have control over. By the time it is your senior year, your grades will speak for themselves and dictate the schools that are in your range. However, even those with perfect grades, have to contend with the rigorous admissions process that the most elite colleges have perfected to an art.


The only thing major component left in the applicants control is the college essay and any supplemental essays. This is, in many cases, your one shot to have your voice be heard by the admissions counselor and leave your impact on them. Are you willing to wing it?

If you would like your essay edited by a professional college advisor please contact us below to book a consultation. 


Inline Comments

Specific inline comments throughout your essay to show areas of improvement and offer suggestions.

Grammar & Diction

A first look at the grammar and diction used in the essay and edits to make the writing stronger.

Score Sheet

A score sheet to show you what you are doing well and what you need to improve on to take your essay to the next level.

Topic Review

Thoughts on the effectiveness of the chosen essay topic and whether it is a strong enough idea.


Ensuring that the takeaway shows the applicant in a good light and is clear to the admissions counselor.

NOTE: If you are ready to submit your essay for review, please see below. We normally review essays within 24 hours of receiving them; however, please feel free to reach out or book a consultation if you have any questions.

Comprehensive College Essay Review 

Instructions: Copy and paste (making sure to leave an empty line between paragraphs) OR upload your college essay as a file below.  Once you press submit, you will be taken to the page to finalize and pay for your essay review. If you have any questions please contact us at:

Upload File

Fee for the essay review is $100

Thanks for your order! Your college essay will be reviewed and returned promptly. Please anticipate a return of at least 24 hours for comments and suggestions regarding your essay.

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