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As both a higher education and k-12 professional for over the last decade, I have seen what it takes for students to get into their dream schools. The hours of practice on fields and courts; the countless number of days spent huddled over art portfolios; the weekends lost to debate tournaments, and science research projects, and poetry competitions. It is no small feat to get into your school of choice and for most help along the way is needed.

At Target College Admissions, I work with students and families everyday to tailor their applications to best reflect their educational promise. Colleges want to see


what you will bring to their communities in addition to stellar academics. Admissions counselors want to read your file and wish they could get a cup of coffee with you and ask you more about your life. At TCA, we want to help you create an application that accomplishes this and more.

What makes TCA unique is the relationships we build with you to ensure that your application Is the best reflection you can send forth to the colleges. From creating recruitment tapes for athletics to reviewing art portfolios, we not only work hand in hand with our students, but also with a network of professional consultants on hand from every division of k-12 and higher education. English teachers, Art teachers, Athletic Directors,  Academic Advisors, Graduate Admissions Professionals and more provide consultation on applications when needed for specific student needs. 

Jennifer Maurer

Founder of Target College Admissions

As a long time college admissions professional, I have a decade of experience on both sides of the playing field both as a former admissions professional, Director of College Counseling, and now as your college counselor. I endeavor to create partnerships with a purpose. My main focus is ensuring you the perfect target fit for your collegiate dreams.  


Contact TCA today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how we can tailor our services to your needs.

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